What’s all the hype about Windows 7? 

So windows 7 end of life date has finally come around, but what does it really mean?

We will give you a quick rundown of what it means and what can be done to keep yourself safe in the future.

Windows 7 was originally released in July 2009, becoming a pretty big success fairly quickly, users loved its simplicity and similarity to windows XP without the bugs of windows vista.

However, it was replaced just 3 years later by Windows 8, with its metro tablet-style interface it never really gained the popularity that it could have done, due to some substantial bugs in the software it was replaced by way of a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 just 1 year later, then the cycle comes up to date with the release of Windows 10, again by way of a free upgrade.

After January 14th 2020 windows 7 will continue to work, just as it always has, but with a few added risks, Microsoft will no longer release updates and security patches, a lot of other vendors also stop support such as drivers, security software and many more.

So the choice is yours, there are many routes to take from here, you can continue on with windows 7 and accept the risks involved, some computers can be upgraded to windows 10 if the hardware will allow it, or maybe its time to upgrade everything and get yourself a new computer.

Here at The Ideas Cupboard, we supply a range of services from helping you with that all-important upgrade, through to sourcing you a nice new computer, or even build the PC of your dreams why not get in touch today and keep your future safe.

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