Are you ok?

Are you ok?

This seems to be the question most asked by everyone at the moment, we really do mean it when we ask if you are ok, if any of you are reading this and think “I’m not ok”, please reach out! We are not in this alone, even though it feels like it at times, there are people out there that really do care!

The last few months have certainly been the most bizarre and busiest we have ever experienced.

Starting with the introduction of the lockdown which threw a lot of businesses into a panic as they were far from prepared to work from home, through to the continued uncertainty about when and how life and business will return to normal. We firmly believe that “normal” as we knew it might never exist again. Businesses have been tested to their limits and beyond in many cases, a lot of whom are reconsidering the way they structure and run their businesses from ground level up to the board.

While the huge shakeup has caused a lot of businesses to close, there is still a great deal of community spirit among the small businesses, especially within Shropshire, with various social media groups popping up to help support one another. It is a wonderful time for community spirit and we sincerely hope that it continues to grow!

Some of the businesses that we have been working with have shown great resilience to the pandemic, focusing on strategy and future planning instead of panic and fear. This sparked the desire in us to look at ourselves and decide how we are handling the current crisis and what are we doing to prepare for the future.

Step 1 was to take a good look at our disaster recovery plan, how does it work with a real-life event? Luckily, our plan matched up pretty well, but there was still room for improvement. Do you have a disaster recovery plan? This is the perfect time to think about one and use your real-life experience to dictate what happens to your business.

Step 2 was our brand, we decided to make a few changes to give a more modern face to the business. Still offering the same great services and improving many of them to be even better than before.

Step 3 was to follow in the footsteps of many of our clients and take an in-depth look at the technology we use daily, as with many tradesmen, the most often overlooked aspect of their own life is the trade they practice. So for us servicing and upgrading our office equipment has become a necessity. Have you considered using the downtime in your office to have your IT equipment cleaned and serviced? This helps to ensure the moment your office opens your technology is ready to go. Don’t let your technology fail you when you need it most.

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