Office 2010 That’s All Folks

The End is Nigh.

Well not exactly, its just the end of support for Microsoft Office 2010.

Yet another of Microsoft’s products is going end of life this year.

On October 13, 2010, support for the Office 2010 suite will end, If you still have Office 2010 in your home or business we advise you to look at replacing it as soon as possible.

What does end of support really mean?

As with most software packages, Office 2010 has a support lifecycle during which time they provide fixes to errors in the program such as security and bug fixes. This enables the software to continue to run smoothly and not cause chaos for users when they need it most, as well as keeping hackers at bay.

With the end of support imminent, the risks to business and personal data rise very quickly after the 13th of October.

If you are at all conscious about GDPR and Data Protection this is something to really pay attention to, as using outdated and insecure software in the event of a breach is your fault, nothing to do with the software creator or vendor.

What do I do now?

You have a couple of options if you are still using the Office 2010 suite.

Microsoft 365 is now a subscription service whereby you can get the latest version of the software suite as it is released, never needing to purchase the full package over and over again.

Microsoft 365 comes with a large range of additional features that make it the perfect choice for most businesses.

Another choice is to purchase Office 2019 (released in October 2018), as the original office 2010, this is a standalone software suite containing the basic programs which will need to be replaced again once it goes end of life in a few years time.

The main difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 2019 is updates, as new features and updates are released 365 is automatically updated with those new features, but sadly office 2019 will only have the features it was initially released with.

Another option is to use open-source software such as Open Office, while these might seem like great free options, they have their own downfalls as well, especially for businesses.


If you are at all unsure about what to do or would like to have a chat about your situation please email or Contact Us Here.

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